This privacy policy is applicable Tweetastic (“us”, “we”, or “our”) which operates under "" and "".

Tweetastic completely follows the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679.

Note: Same Privacy Policy is applicable on all subdomains on "".

Data Collected

Tweetastic collects certain data like e-mail and Twitter username by default. Upon "user's" approval, Tweetastic also collects Telegram ID to send Daily/Weekly digests. Apart from that Tweetastic also stores time-zone which the "user" has specified.

Data Processing

Tweetastic stores "user's" data with the utmost security and none of it is been sold to other businesses. The data is securely stored on our database hosted with Digital Ocean, kindly refer their privacy policy for more information.

As Tweetastic is paid service so the platform does collect payments for its users. It's done with help of Paddle who has access to the unique User ID of a user and Paddle also stores payment details like credit card information safely on their servers and that's not shared with us.

Below is a list of external services used at Tweetastic which interacts with user data. Also, these services are not authorized to share or sell your personal data.

Plausible: It's a privacy-friendly web analytics tool which we use here, it collects data in the most privacy-friendly and cookieless way.

DigitalOcean: The website, dashboard and database are hosted on DigitalOcean's cloud servers. We have taken all possible security measures to ensure no data leaks.

Paddle: It's been used here at Tweetastic to enable digital payments. All payment related data are store on their PCI compliant servers and not shared with us. We do share a unique User ID with Paddle to verify payments.